New pillowcase top designs for women

Two new pillowcase top designs

Pillowcase tops are fun and easy to make, but your average pillowcase does not fit your average woman. I have some lovely pillowcases embroidered by my mom and for the longest time I’ve been wanting to make blouses from them. I finally figured out two new ways to make cute pillowcase tops that actually fit an average sized woman. One … Continue reading

Celebrating the 4th of July

god bless america pin

Lately I’ve been in a sewing mood so I decided to whip up a cute top to wear on the Fourth of July. It’s basically a fitted version of a pillowcase top. Besides this little sequin number I’ve raided my linen closet to design two brand new ways of making pillowcase blouses from embroidered pillowcases. Look for that tutorial in … Continue reading

New year, new website!

new year 2015 lynda makara and koda

This is my first official post on and I just wanted to say hi to everyone and let you know what’s going on. Even though I just launched my site at the end of January 2015, you’ll find articles here dating as far back as 2011. That’s because for the last four years I’ve been writing for various other … Continue reading

Making a moon art sculpture with paper clay

lady moon art sculpture

This tutorial shows how I made a heavenly crescent moon art sculpture for a client using paper clay, simple craft supplies and common household items. The techniques I share can be used to create sculptures in different shapes and sizes. You’ll see step by step how the project progressed from the initial sketch to creating a foundation, building the moon … Continue reading

How to use your new Brother XL2600i sewing machine

brother sewing machine

Need help with your new Brother XL2600i sewing machine? If you need some help with setting up and using your brand new Brother XL2600i sewing machine, you’ll find it in this tutorial. Maybe you’ve misplaced your manual or you just find video demonstrations more helpful. I’ve rounded up the manual and the best YouTube videos for the Brother XL2600i showing … Continue reading

Creative gift card upcycled gifts

candy filled recycled jar

When it comes to giving gift cards, I follow a very simple equation: Gift card + candy + recycled container = nice gift. Why candy? Well, it doesn’t cost that much, it looks pretty and just about everyone likes it, sometimes even better than the gift it comes with. And why use recycled containers? Well, why not! I save little boxes, … Continue reading